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Forgotten Homeland

The Whispering of Exmoor’s Dead
Lorne Turner, a broken soldier, arrives home for the first time in twenty years to an empty, lonely farmhouse on Exmoor.
The coming days reveal the despair of a farm drowning in debt.
The coming nights reveal something far worse.
Lorne doesn’t know if the noises, the crack, crack, crack, are the wind ravaging the moor, memories savaging his mind or the ghosts tearing the veil, begging for help.
After ten months of being alone on his moor, Lorne Turner receives a panicked call.
He needs to rescue some teenagers from an act of stupidity. Nice and simple. Fast rope down to a cave entrance, see if they are still alive, and get them out. Piece of carrot cake for an ex-operator.
When Ella Morgan is also ‘roped’ into helping, Lorne begins to understand the importance of friendship outside the military. The pair descend into the cave complex and that’s when Lorne realises the dead don’t always whisper.
Sometimes the dead scream!
This short novella takes place before Counting Crows and gives us an insight into how Lorne and Ella first begin their friendship. It’s also how I first started to get to know the pair. I hope you enjoy it as well.

When Lorne starts seeing flashes of something terrible on his wedding day, he knows he has to investigate.

The mystery takes them to London and Highgate cemetery where they begin to unravel the terrible events that called out to him.

A short story meant to be a follow-on from Alchemist’s Corpse, book 6 in the Lorne Turner Supernatural Thrillers series.

A homeless family live in a squat, desperate, alone and scared. Their daughters are being haunted by something in the house, and they need to figure out what, before it’s too late.

Ella Morgan and Lorne Turner must find out why the children are the targets and whether they can be saved.

This short story is a part of the Lorne Turner Occult and Supernatural Thriller series and was written for Street Life, a book supporting the rural homeless in Cornwall.

Ex-copper, ex-felon, a man on the edge with a mission.

When the police offer you a deal to escape prison, you take it. Right?

Dale Valentine, understands the system, he once wore the uniform, carried the warrant card.

Now, he’s just a tool for the police as they hunt the worst criminal gang that London has seen in a long time. It’s Dale’s job to infiltrate, manipulate, and report back to his handler, Lauren Kennedy.

Only this job might just end up with him dead, and sixteen girls sold into slavery if he can’t figure out how to save them.

Impossible odds become normal as Dale earns his freedom and the future he craves away from the dark streets of London.

This story takes place before For Whom The Willow Weeps.