Joe Talon

Joe Talon is a writer who has been penning novels for twenty years with a great deal of success. Now, it’s time for a change. A return to the deeply imbedded roots within the mysterious landscapes of Somerset.

A midlife crisis is a great motivator and writing is much cheaper than a sports car or fast bike. Give the expensive toys to the characters and watch them do mad things, it’s safer in the end.

Having grown up on the edge of Exmoor, Joe has long been fascinated by the strange and spooky places and stories that dwell in the dark woodlands and quiet combes.

With the help of a vivid imagination, some real ales, and a passion for storytelling, Joe has created a world just a little sideways from ours. It is full of shadows moving on the edge of your vision when they shouldn’t and cold spots in warm places.

What spare time Joe has is spent with six dogs, lots of walks and exploring strange new worlds in all their forms.

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