The Lorne Turner Supernatural Thrillers

On a fog-bound morning, Lorne Turner stumbles over a murder of crows feasting on the body of a dead man.
It soon becomes clear it’s a ritual sacrifice.
But why? Why here? Why now?
Most importantly, why is Detective Inspector Tony Shaw ignoring the ceremonial element? What do the police have to hide?
Lorne knows the darkness is rising, he feels it scream a warning through his nightmares.
Corruption, greed and the abuse of occult mysteries lead Lorne into a world he never thought existed. Trained to stand firm against terrorists, he must now fight the ghosts of his past, and the darkness of a madman.
An old soldier once more goes into battle. What will break first, his mind, or the bodies of his enemies?

A witch is burnt alive. A priest cuts his throat. A soldier is hung from a tree. A terrible debt must be paid.

Lorne’s personal demons need to be tamed if he’s ever going to have a normal life. When he is offered the job of security guard at an old rectory in the Lyn Valley, he takes it. The house he’s guarding has other ideas. It’s already occupied.

As the rain falls, the waters rise and old graves move. It’s time for the witch to demand her reparations from the villagers who inherited her curse. Lorne, Ella, Willow, and Heather must find a way to balance the scales before more lives are lost.

Can they survive the haunting misery of the old bones? Can they save each other from the beckoning darkness? Can Lorne find a way to pay his debt to the dead?

And then there is the rain. Always the rain.

Lorne is beginning to understand that the dead might not stay in the graveyards where they are left. 
He also knows it’s time to start facing this disconcerting reality in the same way he faced his enemies in battle.
So, when Eddie Rice buys a rundown cottage on Exmoor, and an old graveyard, which should be empty, things become increasingly weird. It isn’t empty for a start. Not of bodies, or the whispering dead.
After an elderly woman is murdered nearby, Lorne, Ella and the others begin to uncover a plot that links this quiet corner of the world with Cold War espionage. Soviet secrets unravel and the more Lorne discovers the closer to breaking point he gets.
The Winter Sun burns in his blood, eating his mind. Can his desert hitchhiker save him? Or will his sanity fold under the weight of Cold War madness?
Lorne’s home is turning into a dream. He’s happy and at peace for the first time in his life. 
The nightmares are releasing their grip on his mind and he’s learning to cope with the whispering dead.
Sadly, that’s not the case for everyone.
An old friend calls about a missing boy from a traveller’s camp on the Quantocks. They’ve been living on the site of an ancient hillfort, near the burial grounds of long forgotten souls .
These people don’t trust the police, but they do put their faith in an old soldier to bring their boy home.
When Lorne discovers this disappearance has a link to his childhood friend vanishing, more than thirty years before, his oldest fears start to rise and take form.
The ancient sites of the Quantocks, the modern world of Hickley Point’s new nuclear reactor, and ex-police officer Tony Shaw, start to weave a tapestry of darkness that threatens all the peace Lorne’s worked so hard to find.
Lorne isn’t convinced his new psychic detective agency is a good idea but when he receives a call from a boarding school, sat in the shadow of Clatworthy Reservoir he reluctantly agrees to help.
The wisdom of teenagers has caused a problem at the school. The students decided the Ouija board they made in class might be fun to use, but when their call is answered, everything changes.
The results have opened a door Lorne has to close or lives will be lost.
The team discover a dark secret. The rising waters of the reservoir that flooded an ancient village called Syndercombe concealed a twisted, evil mind who took the opportunity to hide his dead.
But his evil didn’t surrender when age robbed him of life and he’s returned to the school, seeking new victims for his twisted desires.
If Lorne, Heather and Ella can’t stop the rising evil in the reservoir then more than just the water will be polluted, the souls of the innocent will be lost to the bad waters of Clatworthy.
THE COLD OF WINTER WRAPS sticky fingers around Exmoor as Lorne, Ella and Heather learn of Saint Decuman and his healing well in Watchet.
It seems the old saint is trying to send a warning to those able to listen, the elderly of his ancient parish.
When Lorne and Heather offer to help the spooked pensioners, little do they realise they’re walking into a warzone.
The local motorcycle gang, The Devil’s Mercenaries, are now peddling designer drugs. While a new cult, The Watchers, is offering a different kind of high.
Lorne, Ella and Heather must untangle the links between an old alchemist, the designer drug and the cult before the hauntings claim more lives.
War is on the horizon for this small seaside town and Lorne is a man who knows how to kill. The question is, can he?

As mysteries go this one doesn’t look too bad. At least on the surface.

Lorne’s obligations to a department within military intelligence are called in when Ms Pilar Sanchez turns up with her men-in-black.

She leaves behind a box full of photos and secrets. He’s tasked with clearing out any mystical or esoteric objects in the cottage of a dead artist who lived nearby.

The cottage is full of paintings and statues of a figure that is ill defined and yet hauntingly beautiful. A creature of dreams.

Those dreams lead Lorne and Heather to uncover an entrance to an ancient mine working.

Within the darkness they find a woman, they find a cage, and they uncover a terrible secret.

Freeing the suffering creature, Lorne does the one thing he vowed never to do. He unleashes hell on the innocent.

It’s not just them that pay the price this time. The question is how high will the final cost be for the team?

Séances aren’t something Lorne’s ever considered worthwhile, for obvious reasons, the dead talk to him all too often. He doesn’t need candles and incense to make it happen.

When he’s called in to help the new owners of an old hotel on an isolated clifftop, he thinks he just needs to find out if the place is haunted. When he arrives, he discovers the ghosts aren’t the problem.

The new owners are being used by an Organised Crime Gang. The leader of which believes he can use a séance to uncover a pirate’s treasure. When the OCG boss discovers Lorne is far more powerful than the psychic they kidnapped in London, he believes he can bend Lorne to his will.

For once, Lorne needs to protect himself and his spirit companion before it’s too late. Without Ella’s wisdom for the first time, with the Department of Paranormal Investigations breathing their icy breath down his back, he’s on his own in the fight.

Or is he?