The Dale Valentine Investigations

Two dead bodies under the same willow tree, twenty-five years a part. The only link, a series of poison pen letters, and the secrets hidden in the lonely soil of an old farm.

Dale Valentine, ex-copper, ex-villain, is now a private detective. He’s transplanted from South London to the heartlands of Somerset, and often feels like the locals keep their riddles in the sap of the apple trees. His job is to uncover the cruel truth, no matter the cost.

When the letters expose the cold case of a murdered teenage boy, he desperately needs to find out more. That’s when the second body shows up.

The twisting links between a broken love, a dark secret and the damage to an old bull called Billy, start to unravel as Dale picks at the knots.

With the help of Milly Wolfe and Detective Inspector Lauren Kennedy, he uncovers a tragic series of events and mysteries, hidden in the rural tapestry of Glastonbury.

These secrets will destroy lives. But some skeletons have to be rooted out, no matter the consequences.

A man who poisons minds. A young missing American. Three dead bodies.

Mr Coltrane is a rich man. At least financially. Emotionally, his life is a wreck and when his daughter goes missing, he becomes desperate. He reaches out to Valentine Investigations.

Dale and Milly know they’re good at finding the lost souls among Glastonbury’s ever moving alternative population. It should be easy to find a young woman with an American accent.

But no one has seen her, or heard from her.

They soon realise the missing woman is from the same meditation group as three others who are dead. All have a black diamond on their bodies. The killer’s calling card.

Time is against them as they try to find the others in the group before the killer.

Who will be next?

A call from an old friend fills Dale Valentine with dread the moment it ends. His past is coming to Glastonbury, and he’s not sure if he’s ready.

As a professional investigator, he knows ex-convicts are rarely truthful if a lie keeps them out of trouble. This one is driven by panic.

After all, what happens to hackers who discover government ministers are lying? Rarely anything good.

As paranoia seeps through the rural town, Dale needs to uncover the real power behind the throne. A solar farm’s links to the politician weave a path through the ancient landscape to foreign powers that fill him with dread.

When the politician dies, the lies start to fall apart and Dale finds himself at the heart of a dangerous game.

When the police offer you a deal to escape prison, you take it. Right?

Dale Valentine, understands the system, he once wore the uniform, carried the warrant card.

Now, he’s just a tool for the police as they hunt the worst criminal gang that London has seen in a long time. It’s Dale’s job to infiltrate, manipulate, and report back to his handler, Lauren Kennedy.

Only this job might just end up with him dead, and sixteen girls sold into slavery if he can’t figure out how to save them.

Impossible odds become normal as Dale earns his freedom and the future he craves away from the dark streets of London.